1 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty One

Good morning and happy Wednesday! What a week it has been! We had the joy of Doris taking out part of our garden fence and a beloved garden gnome along with being so busy that I feel like I can't catch my breath. Today is perfectly timed to sit and remind myself of the best bits.

Annual Leave
As per the above and to try and find my balance, I have booked a couple of days off this week. That makes today my Friday and I couldn't be happier. Of course, I do have to fit 3 days work into 1 but I will take it!

This is something that I do every 7-8 weeks and I'm still really feeling the benefits after 2 years. I've been suffering with headaches for the past couple of weeks and looking back at my notes I have also suffered every February since I started going. The theory is that this is Spring related and how the pressure in the environment (ie. pushing up flowers etc) is contributing to these. I am really influenced by the season's so it wouldn't be surprising if that is the case.

A Kitchen Clear Out
The kitchen in the bungalow is fairly tiny and since we moved in last October we haven't had a proper sort/clear out. I woke up on Sunday morning and whilst the kettle was boiling made the decision to get on with it. Obviously the situation was dire because I hadn't even had coffee or breakfast! A few days on and it looks lovely, nothing is jumping out of the cupboards at me and I have renewed motivation to finally get it painted. 

A Lovely Neighbour
Whilst I had introduced myself to our neighbour when we we began renovating the bungalow due to the noise, we hadn't had a proper chat. After some of our fence panels blew down, it was the perfect opportunity to pop around for a natter. He is such a lovely man! 

The lovely  Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There's even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff - MichelleHelenEmmaKateCatJoKerriLauraSarahJasminPeta and Elenor. Don't forget to check out the #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter too, the WW family is growing all the time!

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