15 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Two

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I am sat nursing a HUGE cup of coffee at my work desk at 7.30am as I write this. The husband had to be at work early today so I thought I would take the opportunity to get a few extra bits done myself, hopefully leading to less stress overall today. Stress is definitely around in abundance at the moment and I'm constantly trying to counteract the effects. In a couple of months the annual project of mammoth proportions will be over, so it's not forever. Anyway, on with the merry!

31 Days of Yoga
I began doing Yoga with Adriene's 31 Days of Yoga Revolution 6 days ago. I am planning on keeping it up and am calling it an unofficial "31 days of yoga until I turn 31". I feel more focused and even though yesterday, I just wanted to curl up on the sofa and rest, I made sure to get myself on my mat. I'm always glad that I did.

Herb Garden
With Storm Doris removing two of our fence panels, we felt it was time to tackle the garden and show it some love. Byron set to work mowing the lawn and pulling up a ton of weeds while I started planting some herbs right outside of our kitchen door. We were recommended a lovely garden centre a couple of miles from us which sells so many different varieties of herbs. We came home with some oregano, thyme and chocolate peppermint. A couple of weeks later and they are all still alive. Quite a feat because my outdoor gardening skills leave a lot to be desired! All tips welcome!

A Hair Cut
Truth be told, I hate visiting the salon. I absolutely adore the hairdresser but sitting still for a couple of hours listening to very loud music and a lot of chatter makes me feel stressed and anxious. The lovely Carrie shared her success with a YouTube video so I decided to brave it. Whilst it felt a bit scary at first, I'm really happy with the result. My hair is long enough now that you can barely tell the difference even though I took off an inch or two. I went rogue around my face framing bits because it isn't layered the whole way around. You can find a link to the video plus some other great things to click on in Carrie's post.

The lovely  Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There's even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff - MichelleHelenEmmaKateCatJoKerriLauraSarahJasminPetaElenor and Kelly. Don't forget to check out the #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter too, the WW family is growing all the time!

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